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Security window tinting film can offer extra safety in case of broken glass.

Solar Gard Armorcoat safety window film

Your home is more than just a place for possessions. Which is exactly why it’s worth protecting from anything and everything that can do it harm – accidental or not.

Specially designed to hold shattered glass in place, Armorcoat does more than just protect you and your family from flying shards, it also provides a deterrent barrier against burglary, earthquakes and storm damage – giving you peace of mind that you, your loved ones and your valuables are safe and protected.

Protect against:

  • Theft and burglary
  • Earthquakes and seismic activity
  • Severe storm damage
  • Bomb blasts and terrorists

Solar Gard gives you peace of mind that you, your business, your loved ones and your assets are safe and protected.

Reasons to consider security window tinting film

The primary purpose of a window security film is to protect the people inside the house from shreds of glass flying and hurting them. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, especially rough weather, hurricanes, etc. when it is not uncommon for windows to break and hurt the occupants of the house.

Window security film prevents window breaking during forced entry into your house. Though a window security film might prevent and filter out some of the sunlight this is not its primary purpose.

Security window film encapsulates the glass this prevents the glass from shattering into smaller segments.

Security window film is generally much thicker than window tinting material like solar tinting, which gives it the required strength.Window Tinting Wyong - security window tinting image

Some office buildings and homes might be in a high threat area where there is a possibility of a bomb blast. If your house is near such areas then you are at risk because during a bomb blast, there is a very powerful impact created that can shatter windows of nearby buildings. Security window film can reduce the risks associated with shattered glass.

If your house lies in a high wind or cyclone prone area security window film can help to reduce the damage.

The application of window tinting security film is called anchoring. There are essentially two types of anchoring – wet glazed and mechanical installation. Anchoring can be slightly complicated and it is advised to call on an expert to apply.

Our window tinting services

Window Tinting Wyong can install window tinting on flat glass windows for your home  or office.

This includes window tint that blocks out light, improves privacy, makes glass safer in the event of breakage and enhances security.

If you live or have a business in Wyong Central Coast NSW or surrounding areas  Neil can help with flat glass window tinting installation.

Neil provides a free personal measure and quote and will consult with you and provide expert advice right the way through too the completion of your window tinting.

You can be certain of a professional tinting installation job.

All residential window tinting comes with a manufacturers written life time film warranty.

We can install window tinting for your home or office in Wyong Central Coast NSW. Call us for a free measure and quote 0400 606 612.

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