Decorative window tinting films provide excellent designs that can redefine the way your home looks.Window Tinting Wyong decorative window tinting

Using decorative window tinting films, you can define the character of your home, as these are available in a wide variety of designs. Decorative window films can be an excellent addition to the style statement of your home that can range from the bold to the sophisticated.

Decorative window films also form a strong and powerful first impression of your home and therefore having the right film is essential.

Effect similar to etched glass

The effect that decorative window tinting films provide is very similar to the effect produced by etched glass. Etching, sandblasting or frosting can produce the same effects, but they come with their inherent disadvantages.

Firstly, these processes are quite costly and not everyone can afford them for their windows. Secondly, you cannot change the design once it is etched and any change would involve getting a new window. These disadvantages are removed when you opt for decorative window tinting that are available in a wide variety of designs and types to suit your decor.

The good thing about decorative window films is that they can be removed and changed, which means your home can get an altogether new look just by changing the films.

Decorative window tinting films come in a number of different varieties and depending on the type of application they can broadly be classified into 3 categories.

Monomeric Film

This has a life span of about 1 year and is ideal for cases where frequent changing of decorative window film takes place. This category of decorative window films can be easily changed and replaced.

Polymeric Film

This has a life of about 3 years and is more permanent than a monomeric film. This type of decorative window films is ideal for those areas that do not receive direct and excessive sunlight.


This lasts typically for about 7 years and is the most permanent type of decorative window film. For permanent applications that do not require frequent changing of the film, the cast is the best choice. This is more difficult to remove than monomeric or polymeric films.

Decorative window films are a cheap way to have stylish windows according to your taste and can be changed at will, thereby providing a strong case for their use at homes.

Solar Gard Window Frosting

Solar Gard decorative films are designed for privacy, interior design and decorative touches enhancing the splendor of glass. These interior films are recommended for application to interior glass and to the inside surface of exterior glass. They add a designer touch on existing glass surfaces, without the expense of etching or replacing smooth glass with frosted glass.

Solar Gard decorative films are water resistant, scratch resistant, easy to maintain and simple to change for new styles and designs. They come in two types: vinyl, strictly for decorative purposes and in solar control versions that also protect the life of furnishings and fabrics by screening up to 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. No matter which ones you choose, Solar Gard decorative films will bring out the designer in you.

Interior solar control decorative films have a 6 mil (150 micron) gauge and come in black opaque, white opaque and clear frost. These Solar Gard films reject up to 77% of the total solar energy – providing you greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing solar heat gain and bothersome glare. For high security installations, black opaque and white opaque prevent interior viewing and provide complete privacy.

Our window tinting services

Window Tinting Wyong can install window tinting on flat glass windows for your home  or office.

This includes window tint that blocks out light, improves privacy, makes glass safer in the event of breakage and enhances security.

If you live or have a business in Wyong Central Coast NSW or surrounding areas  Neil can help with flat glass window tinting installation.

Neil provides a free personal measure and quote and will consult with you and provide expert advice right the way through too the completion of your window tinting.

You can be certain of a professional tinting installation job.

All residential window tinting comes with a manufacturers written life time film warranty.

We can install window tinting for your home or office in Wyong Central Coast NSW. Call us for a free measure and quote 0400 606 612.

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