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Home Window Tinting Cleaning Tips

We understand how it can be frustrating when you spend hours washing your windows only to find spots and streaks when you’re done.

As a professional window cleaner, I am here to say that cleaning your own windows should not be a chore! In this article, we help take the pain out of washing windows.

We have listed the four best window cleaning tips to help you produce windows spotless and streak-free with less effort and greater rewards.

Tip 1 – Squeegee

You must have a good quality window squeegee. Use paper towels, lint free full, new documents, shower squeegee or a squeegee car does not produce the results you want. There are some brands and styles to choose from a squeegee to get help for choosing the standard is good for you. Give your shop a local cleaning supplies visit. This is the best place to buy a window scraper as one of the tools window cleaning. You will also need a replacement for some rubber to go with your squeegee. It is essential to have new rubber blade squeegee before each work window washing.

Tip 2 – Washer

Most of the work will be dust, greasy fingerprints, bug stains and other stubborn dirt from the glass. Using a professional window cleaner, you can reduce the amount of time. I suggest you buy a T-bar type of washing, which will be removed. These sleeves are generally made of microfiber or 100% cotton. You can choose non-tinted glass sleeve bristles or hair is tinted windows. Again, I recommend you visit your local shop cleaning for this product.

Tip 3 – Window Cleaning Solution

This is a window cleaning tips that I am asked most often. What is your solution for window cleaning secret? Many professional window cleaners, including myself, use their own window-secret-house, they have perfected over the years. Know there are pre-made window washing on the market that you can buy that do the job. If you want a quick and easy you can do at home, try this. Mix about teaspoon 1 / 4 of any ordinary liquid dish soap to one gallon of fresh water or distilled water. You can use this solution in a bucket or placed in a spray bottle. I think you’ll be surprised at the simple little recipe that will work.

Tip 4 – Detailing Towels

When it comes to banks in detail or touch a penny of small spot size, you want to use a 100% cotton towel or microfiber cloth. Most everything else will leave small particles of fluff that will be noticed when the sun shines through the window.

Our window tinting services

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You can be certain of a professional tinting installation job.

All residential window tinting comes with a manufacturers written life time film warranty.

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