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Professional installers clean the glass using special cleaning solutions and razor blade scrapers – this process removes the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut roughly to the size of your window and the release liner is removed. The film and glass are sprayed with a slip solution, positioned and applied to the glass using a professional grade squeegee. Excess solution is removed and the edges trimmed with special stainless cutting blades.

No, window films do require professional installation. Our films are installed by experienced, highly trained, authorized dealers. They are dedicated to providing quality service and you will have the peace of mind with a Solar Gard warranty.

Solar Gard window films are made to last for many years; many outlast the warranty period. The length of time really depends on the type of film applied, type of glass it was applied to, window orientation and the climate in which it is applied.

No, after the dry-out process is completed (we recommend 30 days), clean your filmed window with a normal household cleaner or ammonia based products (Windex) using a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use rough or abrasive products as they will scratch or damage the film.

Installers use a special soapy solution during installation. Some of this solution will become trapped between the glass and film (small bubbles or a hazy appearance) but this will disappear as the film dries. The dry-out or curing time is necessary for the film adhesive to properly bond to the glass. How long it takes depends upon the type of film applied and weather conditions during and after the installation. Ask your professional dealer what to expect.

Solar Gard window film block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays so our films will significantly reduce the amount of fading. Fade reduction depends on the type of film selected, the quality of the items being protected and the environment. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all risk of fading.

As they are optically clear window films are virtually undetectable after installation. Most architectural films are manufactured using a “CDF” mounting adhesive, which means ‘clear, distortion free.”

Yes, our authorised dealers can install on virtually any size or shape of window.

Yes, they help to eliminate glare and as a result reduces eyestrain.

Window film can be applied year round but we recommend applying film to cool glass, avoiding direct sunlight.

No, it is designed to be installed on smooth window glass.

Solar Gard window films help you consume less energy by keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable – lowering the need for air-conditioning, reducing extreme peaks in usage and allowing your cooling system to operate more efficiently and effectively.

When glass without window film is broken, it shatters and having no support can fall out completely. In some cases the glass shards can be airborne leading to human injury. When safety and security window film is applied, it bonds to the window and prevents it from separating easily. Safety and security film are much thicker than conventional window films and provides a barrier against break-ins, bomb blasts, looting and interior damage.