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Business window tinting – energy saving and glare control

Business window tinting can save you money

With global energy costs soaring and concern for the environment rising, building owners are ever mindful of conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

For some of the world’s most recognized buildings, window film has been proven to deliver annual energy savings up to 15%, and reducing carbon emissions.

Window tinting improve the performance of existing glazing systems to reduce excessive solar heat gain, increasing the efficiency of air conditioning and lowering energy costs.

They can also improve the insulating properties of windows, reducing heating costs by preventing heat from escaping in cooler seasons.

In total, these savings help window film pay for itself in as few as 1-5 years.

It’s been established that one-third of a typical building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and that up to 75% of existing windows may not be energy efficient.

By having approved energy saving solar films applied it will help to reduce energy consumption, saving money and realising ‘star rating’ efficiency.

Solar window film improves a buildings internal environment by eliminating hot and cold spots, reducing glare, and rejecting more than 99% of harmful UV rays.

Blocking these damaging UV rays can also help to protect the appearance and value of fabrics, furnishings and artwork, all of which can be irreparably damaged or faded by allowing the sun to pass through untreated glass.

Our window tinting services

Window Tinting Wyong can install window tinting on flat glass windows for your home  or office.

This includes window tint that blocks out light, improves privacy, makes glass safer in the event of breakage and enhances security.

If you live or have a business in Wyong Central Coast NSW or surrounding areas  Neil can help with flat glass window tinting installation.

Neil provides a free personal measure and quote and will consult with you and provide expert advice right the way through too the completion of your window tinting.

You can be certain of a professional tinting installation job.

All residential window tinting comes with a manufacturers written life time film warranty.

We can install window tinting for your home or office in Wyong Central Coast NSW. Call us for a free measure and quote 0488 253 041.

Window Tinting Wyong Central Coast are be able to assist you with your business window tinting requirements. Call today for a quote 0488 253 041.

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